Stand Up, Man: Das Racist, Immortal Technique, Dan Deacon, Tom Morello To Play May Day For Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Wall Street’s plans for May Day are starting to take shape, and amidst the pickets and skill-shares and marches and mayhem, it’s looking like there’s going to be a lot of music too.

We already told you about the Guitarmy being mustered for next Tuesday, but organizers have also announced a number of free performances in Union Square by some big-name musicians.

Among them: Dan Deacon, Das Racist, Immortal Technique, Tom Morello and Bobby Sanabria.

Organizers have lined up the requisite sound permits, so this will be a full-on amplified stage show&30151;no human-mic necessary.

“This is a really great way for people to rally around something that’s nonviolent,” said one of the organizers, who goes by the name Goldi. “It’s something that diffuses tension and is really celebratory. As someone said in one of our recent meetings, ‘You can’t arrest a song.'”

The Union Square phase of the day’s actions are mostly under the control of Occupy Wall Street’s union and immigrant-advocacy allies, so organizers are emphasizing that the free concerts that afternoon are expected to be safe, family friendly, and low-risk for audience members who might be undocumented or otherwise wary of risking arrest.

Occupy Wall Street organizers are still in talks to bring in big-name performers for a later phase of the day’s activities down on Wall Street. We’ll bring you updates as those plans are confirmed.

Here’s the 30-second radio spot teasing the musical side of May Day:

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