Whole Foods Fish Ban Angers Fishermen


Starting yesterday on Earth Day, Whole Foods stopped selling overfished seafood in its stores throughout the country. Not everyone is happy about this new policy: According to The New York Times, some New England fishermen have expressed anger over Whole Foods’ move, which they think has threatened their livelihoods.

“It’s the precedent and the message it sends out that’s really unfortunate,” said Vito Giacalone, the policy director for the Northeast Seafood Coalition to the Times. “Whole Foods is a reputable, credible food source for a big community of people, and so when their headquarters makes this kind of statement, it’s not good for the industry.”

Another fisherman quoted in the article said that the ban is just a publicity stunt on Whole Foods’ part. He’s probably right, but isn’t it at least one that’s worthwhile? It’s good for the environment, consumers, and definitely fish–everyone and everything but fishermen, who are getting the short end of the stick.