Borscht Belt Humor Lives at the Friars Club!


And I’m thrilled because I find it as essential as a substantial breadbasket at a corner booth in a neighborhood deli.

The humor was in full force at last night’s tribute to Susan Lucci at the Friars Club.

The MC, Stewie Stone, provocatively said his microphone “looks like Ben Vereen‘s schlong.”

He introduced someone from the audience and said, “He’s a walking mezuzah.”

And after Julie Budd wowed the crowd with two songs, he told her, “You’re the only singer these people can hear.”

Then came comic Dick Capri, who introduced himself with, “I’m Sammy Davis. That’s Davis with one ‘i’.”

He went on : “The Pope wants priests to get married–but only to Jewish women. That’s the only way they’ll remain celibate.”

He continued: “I’ve been using stool softener as a recreational drug. I used to go to discos, now I go to Costcos.”

Also: “I asked someone how I could look younger. He said, ‘Tell people you’re 10 years older’.”

Furthermore: “I get lost in Florida looking for the highway. I asked someone, ‘How do you get to 95?’ He said, ‘Don’t eat meat’.”

And finally: “Someone asked me if I saw The Vagina Monologues. I said, ‘I saw the opening’.” Pause. “I didn’t stay for the whole thing. I left prematurely.” Rim shot. “It was a premature evacuation.” Ba dum pum.

Long may the Borscht be belted.

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