John McCain To Michael Bloomberg: Boost Mitt Romney!


Will Mike make like Rudy?

That question remains unanswered after John McCain met yesterday with Mayor Michael Bloomberg to convince the pol to back Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

McCain called on Mike shortly after Rudy Giuliani, America’s Mayor/frenemy extraordinaire, announced his support of Romney on “FOX & Friends” on Monday morning.

“I just came in to pay my respects to the mayor. He and I are old friends from many years back…I told him that I just spent last weekend with Romney and I thought that Romney was on message . . . and tried to convince the mayor that we’ve got a winning campaign,” he told the New York Post as he left City Hall.

Bloomberg hasn’t said who he will support in November’s race. Instead, his spokesman issued a very polite, very non-committal statement: “Any day Sen. McCain has time to stop in at City Hall is a great day for us.”


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