The Last Half Hour of Cabin in the Woods Was…


Perhaps the grossest thing I’ve seen since Sarah Palin‘s candidacy.

The horror thriller’s final 30 minutes are packed with blood, guts, mucus, noise, banging, screaming, flying objects, and more blood.

Some might take this as a warning, but the vast majority of filmgoers will probably see it as a gushy recommendation, and that’s fine with me.

I’m not complaining. I’m simply telling you that it is a nonstop ferocious assault that most likely won’t appeal to the Woody Allen crowd, except maybe for some of his ex-girlfriends and Soon-Yi.

And then comes a celebrity cameo, which we we were told not to reveal, though that was a while ago, so let me just say it was . . .

Oh, who cares?

As I said, the last 30 minutes are a vicious, nasty, hateful, preposterous, body-fluid-drenched avalanche of excessive grossness and gross excessiveness.

And that was just in the lobby!

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