Beyoncé Is Named “Most Beautiful Woman,” but Here’s Who It Should Have Been


People magazine has named Beyoncé the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, and the singer replied that fresh after having given birth, she feels more beautiful than ever.

That’s all very lovely and heartwarming, but People really dropped the chance to honor someone even more gorgeous.


Anne Ramsey.

She made me laugh like hell whenever her fiery comic performances turned up in re-runs or revivals, so she was definitely the most beautiful woman of the year.

She’s the most beautiful woman every year.

I know she’s dead, but she’s still funny, and the mag would have been making a great statement by saying that by nature of her wicked talent and perseverance, Anne’s our gal.

There’s no one hotter. I mean it. Comedy equals beauty. Learn it.

Am I off the rails here in a bad way?