Meat Shopping With a Butcher


If you’re not already reading the Billfold, the excellent new blog from the Awl family, you should be. Case in point: this awesome post, in which a butcher takes a vegetarian on a meaty tour of Chinatown and Soho. Together, they examine cheap cuts like chicken feet and trotters, discuss the industrial farming system, and get a little goofy.

Logan: Does looking at those eels remind you of The Little Mermaid?
Greg: No.

Logan: Not even a little bit?
Greg: No.

Logan: Which one of these is Finding Nemo?
Greg: None of them. You don’t eat clown fish. They’re too little.

Logan: Oh.

You might not learn exactly what to do with a money-saving salmon head, but it’s still a fun trip.

via the Billfold