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Mitt Romney Wins New York (Duh); Pointless Primary Cost State $20 Million


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won the New York Republican primary last night — as polling places across the state resembled Scoobie-Doo ghost towns, including an Upstate town where only 47 of 1,100 eligible voters actually went to the polls.

Yesterday’s primary, as we mentioned in prior posts, was a complete waste of time — as Romney’s had the nomination in the bag for weeks. Holding a pointless primary wouldn’t be the end of the world — if it didn’t cost the state an estimated $20 million.

Yesterday, we caught some heat for suggesting that voting in New York’s GOP primary was a complete waste of time — which it was.

We understand the importance of civic duty, “making your voice heard,”
and all the other sound bytes associated with voting. But Romney’s had
the nomination locked up since former Pennsylvania Senator Rick
Santorum pulled the plug on his campaign earlier this month (and
probably even before that)
. As we mentioned, the primary was pointless
— especially in New York, where experts predicted Romney would win in a
landslide even before Santorum called it quits.

With the cost of the primary at $20 million, officials estimate that if
10-percent of eligible voters actually voted, it cost the state $20 per
vote — and voter turnout yesterday was much less than 10-percent (most
estimates have it at about 4-percent statewide).

In Greece, New York, 47 of 1,100 eligible voters actually went to the polls — and we don’t blame them; it was a meaningless election. In New York City, “to describe turnout as a trickle would be generous,” according to NY1.

Some say “voter fatigue” is to blame for the low turnout, and with a
(pricey) Congressional primary right around the corner in June, it would
make sense to consolidate primary days. No argument here — at least
the votes cast would actually have an impact…on something.

Yesterday, we said voting in New York’s GOP presidential primary is a
waste of time — which it was. Turns out it was a (huge) waste of money,

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