The Least Convincing Couple in Screen History


According to Peter Bart‘s book Infamous Players, it was Rock Hudson and Julie Andrews in the 1970 romantic spy drama Darling Lili.

Writes Bart, who at the time was a junior executive faced with the job of looking at the rushes:

“Their supposedly steamy love scene had as much fizzle as day-old beer.

“Julie Andrews, totally believable as the faithful governess in Mary Poppins, was never a threat to Marilyn Monroe as a sex goddess.

“As for Hudson, his predilection for men was becoming widely suspected in Hollywood.

“Their mutual disinterest, if not distaste, was abundantly visible in take after take as they embraced and kissed and then, when the director yelled ‘cut,’ they wiped their lips ad breathed a sigh of relief.”

Well, I happen to like Darling Lili.

And I happen to think gay actors can convince in all kinds of roles. Lord knows, Rock made a believer out of millions for decades before that.

But maybe Julie felt uncomfortable doing the scene since the director guiding her through it was her husband, Blake Edwards?

Later in the book, Bart says he told Paramount honcho Robert Evans that “Everyone in this town seems to be fucking everyone else, and we’re making maybe the unsexiest movie in the history of Hollywood.”

“Rock’s a faggot,” Evans snapped. “What idiot would sign a faggot to shoot love scenes?”

All right, Evans, that’s it. I won’t blow you anymore.

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