New York

Who Killed Events in This Town? I’ve Found Out!


My new column is truly a gala event, but unfortunately it’s the only one in town.

It examines the wonderful legend of NYC events and why they died to the point where every invite I get these days is more like a warning than a beckoning.

I describe how red carpets took the place of spontaneous fun, how bottle service replaced bohemia, and how celebrities became sequestered and guarded even though once they’re home and drunk, they tweet their every brain fart!

Events used to get publicity for being inventive and exciting, but now they’re just hollow “step-and-repeat” affairs with no access, no food, no sex appeal, and no gift bag.

But at least this tragic situation had led to my perceptively hilarious column–and you’re totally invited to read it!

It’s the event of the season.

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