Will Spider-Man Get the Nomination?


Next Tuesday morning, the Tony nominations will be announced, and people–even some people not on ropes–will be looking to see if Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is one of the four nominees for Best Musical.

A year ago, that would have seemed as outlandish a proposition as a musical about a flying arthropod in the first place.

The show was getting terrible press for:

(A) resulting in multiple set malfunctions and injuries

(B) being alternately thrilling and stupefyingly dull, as I reported when seeing it after various creative changes made it finally reviewable.

But that was then.

Since then, Spider-Man has made a freaking FORTUNE, and it hasn’t gotten much bad publicity at all. No one has been killed there lately!

And besides, some of the other musicals that have opened turned out to be stupefyingly dull without being the least bit thrilling.

So I’m predicting the flying arthropod will be up for Best Musical of the year (along with Newsies, Once, and Nice Work if You Can Get It).

Then again, remember my blog: “Meryl Streep Can’t Possibly Win the Oscar”?

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