Another Public School Employee’s Accused Of Feelin’ Up A Student (Sigh)


For the eighth (yes, eighth) time this year, an employee at a New York City public school is accused of a sexual crime involving a student. The latest: Lillian Weber School teacher’s aide Hany Abdalla, who police say felt up an 8-year-old.

On Monday, Abdalla was accused of making sexual comments to a student and suspended without pay. The case was then turned over to law enforcement officials, who determined the comments were just the tip of the iceberg.

As authorities were investigating the alleged inappropriate comments, they found a student who says Abdalla touched her inappropriately. She also says Abdalla forced her to touch him.

“[Abdalla] touched a female child 8 years old in inappropriate areas and
also had her touch him in inappropriate areas,” authorities say.

Abdalla’s worked at the school — located at 32 West 92nd Street near Central Park West in Manhattan — since 2007.

As we mentioned, Abdalla is the eighth New York City educator accused of sex-with-a-student related crimes this year. The spike in alleged pervert teachers in New York City schools prompted schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to vow to fire any teacher found guilty of sexually inappropriate behavior with a student — which, frankly, we thought just went without saying.