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Broadway’s Judy Garland Thanks a Young Fan | Village Voice


Broadway’s Judy Garland Thanks a Young Fan


Recently, I ran a letter from 22-year-old actor Jason Wise, fuming at a Times article which implied that Judy Garland’s legacy is lost on the young, who’d supposedly rather follow the yellow brick road to more current divas.

The original article spun off from a viewing of End of the Rainbow, the Broadway show in which Tracie Bennett plays the legend in a later period filled with extra challenges.

Jason–who preaches Judyism–saw the show, adored it, and feels it’s extremely relevant to people under 60, and even people under 23.

And as a result, Bennett wrote him a lovely letter. The below photo of the letter is a little blurry, so you might feel like Judy herself while reading it, but still it’s a super classy gesture.

Here it is:

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