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Eyeroll: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Clash Over Coolness | Village Voice

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Eyeroll: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Clash Over Coolness


In keeping with the great American tradition of blowing smoke up voters’ asses, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney do not appear like they’re going to level with us anytime soon — though our country sorely needs it, as Slate’s John Dickerson pointed out.

But what they lack in candor they might try substituting with coolness and seriousness, respectively.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos (goddamn that’s hard to spell) thinks that Obama might be “cooler” than Romney for many — and that he’ll play up the pop culture card — but he isn’t sure whether that will necessarily benefit Barack on election day.

He also notes that Romney is making like John McCain in 2008, and is trying to tout himself as more serious contender contrasted with Obama’s star-like status.

“That campaign attempted to portray Obama as someone running for ‘celebrity-in-chief’…and it did seem to give McCain a little traction in the late summer before the financial crisis hit.”

So there you have it. We’re probably going to get more Obama slow-jams and more of Mitt acting like he has a stick up his ass, and we’re going to get even less meaningful material on which to base our votes.

Thanks, democracy. It has sure been fun.


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