Frog Spawn, Minus the Flavor


On the hottest days of the year, my family sat in the shade and drank Falooda, an iced milk drink made with a bit of rose syrup and a ton of basil seeds. I still have a soft spot for the seeds, which swell up with a thick coat of jelly when they’ve been hydrated in water (and look almost exactly like frog eggs).

Yesterday, Leela over at She Simmers offered some great suggestions for what to do with lemon basil seeds. She also reminded me that they’re essentially tasteless:

Some may say lemon basil seeds impart the fragrance and flavor that suit Thai desserts. To that I ask, what fragrance and flavor? Maeng lak seeds don’t taste anything like maeng lak leaves. In fact, they don’t taste like anything at all.

So true! I suppose even characterless goop can be lovable?

via SheSimmers

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