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Hospital Wants Me to Send Extra Money Out of Sheer Gratitude!


I was stunned to receive a letter from a NYC hospital where I had some procedures done not long ago.

They were paid nicely by my coverage, mind you, as was the doctor and all the others involved in these procedures.

But the hospital has whimsically decided they want more! Just because!

Here’s the astounding letter, which suggests that ball-removal surgery might be in order for these people:

“Regardless of the state of your health, you rely on a very personal and longtime relationship with your doctor for medical care, comfort, and advice–not just for yourself but also for your loved ones.

“Our Honor Your Doctor annual campaign provides a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude to the women and men at [hospital] whose hearts, minds, and medical expertise have touched you or those you love, providing a means to healing and hope for good health.

“Today, I invite you to join us in our 2012 Honor Your Doctor campaign by making a gift to [hospital] in recognition of your doctor.

“We also welcome gifts designated to a specific area within [hospital] that has had a particular impact on your life.

“And please visit us at [blah blah dot com] should you wish to share your personal story of how you or your family experienced the extraordinary care provided by your doctor, as well as to make your gift online.”

You know, what? I’m extremely grateful for the work that was done on me, but he was already highly paid, and besides, I’m way too busy to donate extra cash right now.

I’m all tied up in starting my own campaign–Honor Your Blogger–in hopes that people will send me checks in gratitude for the mental health I’ve helped provide for them and their loved ones.

Thank you. Fuck you.

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