Is Barack Obama Too Cool?


Yesterday, the Voice brought you some sad-making news: rather than give us meaningful material on which to base our votes, Barack Obama will probably serenade us with more slow-jams and Mitt Romney will keep acting like he has never had fun in his life. Ever.

So it goes in American politics (who expects, like, answers and stuff?), but the Washington Post has been arguing that Mitt’s seriousness might work to his advantage — especially among the nation’s youth.

Similar to John McCain in 2008, some Romney supporters are trying to claim that Obama’s celebrity has caused him to neglect the problems plaguing the nation’s young’uns.

American Crossroads just released an ad — and it’s like Tron on acid with dubstep. Still, the basic schtick is this:

“Four years ago, America elected the biggest celebrity in the world and it got one cool president,” goes the advert.

Then, the Post notes, comes “a series of stark facts about college students — including that 85 percent of recent graduates are moving back in with their parents –are shown on screen.”

The big question posed by the Post: “Can Romney find a way to make the ‘”cool/celebrity’ attack stick in a way Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) couldn’t in 2008?”

The big question that should be posed by voters: Why does the presidential election suck so much already?

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