Love Pizza? T-Shirt Helps You Become Pizza.


The meat-bearing version

Yup, it’s easy enough to broadcast your love of pizza by wearing a T-shirt that advertises your favorite parlor with an slogan or maybe a crude picture of a slice. There are even T-shirts that show an entire photo-realistic pie in convincing detail. But the above shirt, being flogged by the website, would allow you to lie down on a giant pie and blend in perfectly.

It shows a pepperoni slice with perfect coloration, and the cheese seems to be sliding off the slice your body. The thing sells for $39.99, which might seem steep, except if you accessorize slightly, you could call it a Halloween costume, too.

Predictably, there’s also a vegetarian version that seems a trifle more artistic but not quite as convincing.

[Tracy Van Dyk, via]

The vegetarian’s model

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