T.G.I. Friday’s Adding Korean Tacos To Menu


T.G.I. Fridays is amping up its menu with 17 new options. Among them–Korean steak tacos . . . with Sriracha sauce.

According to the chain-restaurant website: The tacos are “three corn tortillas filled with strips of marinated Black Angus flat iron steak, then topped with ginger-lime slaw, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, basil and Sriracha sauce. Served with jasmine rice pilaf.”

The Korean-taco trend was started in Los Angeles by Roy Choi of the Kogi BBQ Truck. His response to the new addition:

The restaurant says the new menu is a way of bringing “indulgent dishes that follow current flavor trends.” Other new (not to mention gut-busting) food items include: Loaded Skillet Chip Nachos, Chip ‘n’ Dip Trio, White Cheddar Spicy Beef Queso, Caribbean Spiced Rum Ribs, Spicy Craft Beer Cheese Burger, and Triple Stack Reuben.

What food fad will they add next? Asian soup dumplings perhaps?

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