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Former Aide of John Edwards Says He Feared for His Life; Secret Service Agent Identified; Newark Terminal Shut Down Due to Baby | Village Voice

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Former Aide of John Edwards Says He Feared for His Life; Secret Service Agent Identified; Newark Terminal Shut Down Due to Baby


A former campaign aide to John Edwards testified yesterday that in a conversation with the former presidential candidate in 2008, he feared for his life. Andrew Young has spent nearly four days on the stand in the federal corruption trial detailing his part in helping Edwards keep mistress Rielle Hunter a secret. During a conversation between the two in a backwoods road in North Carolina, Young asked Edwards to come clean about his child with Hunter. Recounting that incident, Young said, “At one point I was scared for my life.” Meanwhile, the wife of Young also testified yesterday, saying her husband adored Edwards and describing how the scandal impacted him and his family. [ABC, NYP, NYT]

The Secret Service agent at the center of the Colombia prostitution scandal is Arthur Huntington, CNN revealed yesterday. He was an agent in a seventh-floor hotel room in Cartagena who allegedly had a dispute with an escort over pay. The Secret Service also implemented new rules on Friday for employees on trips abroad, including banning staff members from bringing foreigners to their hotel rooms and also prohibited them from drinking alcohol within 10 hours of duty. [CNN, WP]

A Newark Airport terminal was shut down yesterday after a baby went through a checkpoint unscreened, the Daily News reports. A mother and baby went through a metal detector, causing the alarm to go off. The mother handed the baby to the father, who had already gone through, and then was cleared to pass. Apparently TSA officers realized the child did not get checked again, prompting a search for the family. Flights were grounded, bomb-sniffing dogs were deployed, and passengers had to be cleared out of Terminal C and screened again. TSA and the Port Authority blamed each other. [NYDN]

The New York Times reports on the revelation this week that the State Police have suspended three troopers amid a prostitution investigation, noting that this is not the first scandal to tarnish the agency’s reputation. In this latest case, Trooper Titus Taggart, an 18-year veteran assigned to Buffalo who allegedly moonlighted as a part promoter, is accused of organizing parties that may have involved the promotion of prostitution — while he was off-duty. [NYT]

Parents in Brooklyn are angry about the city’s plan to start asbestos abatement during the academic year in a school in Cobble Hill. [NYDN]

Queens State Sen. Malcolm Smith said yesterday he’s talking “very seriously” about a run in 2013 to replace Mayor Bloomberg. [DP]

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