Lilac Boughs Bloom in the Greenmarkets Today


Eight dollars gets you a branch of freshly cut lilacs — better than bathroom deodorizer.

Despite temps that hovered around 42 degrees in the morning, Greenmarkets in the city were thronged today with cold-weather-weary visitors. For gardeners and their window-box-tilling cousins, there were sets aplenty of annual flowers, herbs, ornamental foliage, and baby lettuces–though who in their right mind would buy already-sprouted lettuce in a pot? Here are a few snapshots from today’s Union Square farmers’ market.

You could even buy potted lilac bushes in full bloom–though their viability is questionable.

Coleuses come in a variety of brilliant colors and are easy houseplants to grow in minimal sunlight.

View of the Union Square Greenmarket today around 11 a.m.

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