New York Politicians Spent Nearly $50,000 On Cigars Since 2008


Bill Clinton’s not the only politician who likes a good cigar…

Since 2008, New York politicians have spent nearly $50,000 on cigars and other tobacco products, a new study from the New York Public Research Group.

The study, first provided by the group to the New York Daily News, finds that state lawmakers dropped $44,919 on cigars since 2008. Often times, the cigars were used as party favors for campaign donors and fundraising events.

“The practice of politicians and donors meeting in smoke-filled rooms is apparently alive and well in New York,” NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney says.

According to the report, state Republicans spent the most on cigars, with more than a half-dozen GOPers each spending more than $500 on tobacco products.

Republican state Senator Andrew Lanza dropped $3,830 at Carmine’s Cigars on Staten Island during the past three years, the report finds.

The report also finds that Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos spent $1,333 at Habana Premium Cigars in Albany. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee spent more than
$6,000 at the same store.

Republicans aren’t the only ones who like a good smoke — the report finds that Democratic state Senator Eric Adams spent $5,068 fund-raiser at the Grand Havana Room in September 2009.