SXSW Nostalgia: Breakfast Tacos at Downtown Bakery


Two to an order, the breakfast tacos are not far from those you had in Texas.

Generations of SXSW attendees have returned from Austin totally addicted to breakfast tacos. They’ve been treated like drug users on a cold-turkey program due to lack of supply in the city. You’d think some canny restaurateur would have outfitted a truck that specialized in them and run it right out into the street. Nothing quite like that yet.

Earlier this year, there was Whirlybird, which caused a sensation by offering what was basically a single breakfast taco as its only foodstuff. Meanwhile, Downtown Bakery has been expanding its Puebla-centric breakfast menu but with lots of American-style Mexican fare thrown in.

Witness the wonderful breakfast tacos, of which tacos de papa (“potato tacos”) is the best choice among four. Double white-corn tortillas are wrapped around scrambled eggs, white cheese, beans, sauteed onions, and potato cubes. The trick is in the spuds, which are so extensively fried that they almost crunch and lend a fine mellowness to the taco. Really, these are irresistible. Another favorite is the huevos rancheros, interpreted here as a pair of over-easy eggs on top of tortillas swimming in spicy red chile sauce, with beans and raw avocado slices as sumptuous sides.

Both dishes make a fantastic weekend brunch.

Downtown Bakery
69 First Avenue

Huevos rancheros is another worthy breakfast option at Downtown Bakery.