Comptroller John Liu on May Day: Americans ‘Owe’ Haymarket Workers


City Comptroller/embattled mayoral candidate John Liu has taken the time to step away from releasing audit, after audit, after audit to speak about May Day.

In a statement released this afternoon, Liu makes mention of the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago, when cops fired on workers striking for an eight-hour day. Liu says Americans “owe” a lot to these workers who “fought with their very lives to get us decent wages and working conditions, weekends off, and to end child labor. ”

“The battle is not over,” he goes on.

“The widening gap between the ultra wealthy and everyone else is threatening to unravel the tight fabric of our democratic society. Here in New York City, that divide is even wider and more keenly felt than elsewhere. As New York City emerges from this economic trough, government must make sure prosperity is shared more equitably. In the coming weeks, my office will provide a full analysis of the income distribution in New York City. Strengthened living wage and prevailing wage laws, retirement security for all, and a more progressive tax system will help ensure shared prosperity.

Today, we celebrate those who worked so hard to make our lives better. And we remember.”

Hm. Def sounds a bit different than, er, some other NYC pols.