Diane Keaton On Colbert Last Night: Was She Being Annie Hall, Kay Adams-Corleone, Or Just Plain Nuts?


Twitter was abuzz last night about Diane Keaton’s appearance on the Colbert Report, with people wondering if the Annie Hall and Godfather star was drunk, high, or just plain nuts. Watching it, we wondered if Keaton was trying to out-Colbert Colbert in the performance art arena. Still, whatever she was doing didn’t seem to help the cause of peddling her book, which was why she was ostensibly booked on the show. It’s obvious Colbert isn’t comfortable with what’s happening; watch for yourself and decide what was going through Keaton’s mind. We certainly found it to be the most awkward interview with a 70s star since Leonard Lopate suffered through a half hour on the air with Liza Minelli.