Jesus and Friends Occupy Wall Street


The Occupy Wall Street May Day actions are winding down this evening, with a march from Union Square to Battery Park. [Update, 9:00 PM: Nick Pinto tells me things are not winding down at all. Rather, a very large crowd “has filtered into the amphitheater at the Veteran’s Memorial, where they’re having a General Assembly on occupation options.”] The parade of thousands was made up of quite the motley crew, which spanned the political, social and cultural spectrums.

There was Jesus Christ himself, dragging a cross and clad in nothing but a pair of conspicuously modern 2xist boxer briefs:

The head of the march started with its only motorized vehicle participants, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance:

Though arrests happened elsewhere, the mood at the head of the parade was extremely relaxed. The blue shirt cops, Community Affairs liaisons, and even the white shirts were all pretty laid back, and they were mixing with the press, the protestors and spectators with relative ease. Here’s a white shirt with a member of the National Lawyers Guild:

At times, it was hard to tell who was who, as when huge flanks of union members were marching right alongside huge flanks of NYPD cops:

Here’s Timcast’s Tim Pool providing live video as he looks up at an NYPD helicopter:

Here’s a family watching the parade pass by:

Nick Pinto tweets that, though where I was seemed calm, that did not hold true everywhere:

This was the scene when we left the march at Broadway and Grand, when the spirit of Zuccotti Park seemed to come alive faintly but distinctly: