Kate Hudson’s New Movie: “Career Suicide”?


A Little Bit of Heaven has bouncy Kate Hudson as “an irreverent young woman who unexpectedly falls in love with her doctor,” but critics are saying it’s the film itself that needs life support.

Here are some of the reviews, which to everyone involved in the film must seem like a little bit of hell:

“A romantic comedy about cancer. I’ve officially seen it all.”

“Kate Hudson’s career suicide continues with the devastatingly unfunny, tonally jarring A Little Bit of Heaven.”

“As a cancer drama it is insultingly sickly sweet, as a comedy it’s lazily written and executed, and as a romance it is devoid of chemistry and passion.”

“Manages to be both weird and boring.”

“Not a film that I would ever commend to the ill, the well, or to anyone in that grey area in between.”

“One long biopsy of pure horror: the tumors of sentimentality and bad acting metastasise everywhere, and Gael Garcia Bernal, in particular, is horrendously bad.”

“Jaw droppingly mawkish and offensively trivial about confronting one’s mortality.”

“I had no idea colon cancer was so much fun!…It is so fantastic to be dying! Call it the Ass Cancer Life Plan. Every modern girl needs it.”

And finally, my own review:

Wanna see! Wanna see!