Four Things You Didn’t Know About Baconery


New York’s first bacon bakery Baconery opened its doors to the public yesterday. The shop is located inside Books of Wonder on 18th Street. We caught up with owner Wesley Klein, who shared with us some unique tidbits about his savory-meets-sweet company.

1) His bakers do not have professional culinary backgrounds.
“I have three bakers right now,” Klein says. “One of them is going to school for hospitality. They’re just creative and have never had school experience in the culinary word. One of them used to work for OMGPOP. Another one makes cakes on the side. They’re very creative and very different. Here at work, they have the freedom to create new stuff.”

2) Klein does not get sick of bacon–ever.
Despite being surrounded by it on a daily basis, Klein has never once gotten sick of bacon. “I still eat it on a regular basis,” he says.

3) They’re launching webisodes.
The bacon bakery is fueling its cult following via two-minute-long monthly websiodes every month. Klein said the first episode is set to launch by the end of the week.

4) The newest product under development: bacon caramel
“It sounds so simple,” he says. “But we screwed up already a few times.”

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