Kathleen Turner on Faith, a Celebrity Crush, and Being Friends With Maggie Smith


My column this week is a bouncy interview with husky-voiced talent Kathleen Turner, who has a new movie out!

It’s The Perfect Family, in which she’s nominated for Catholic Woman of the Year, though the fact that her daughter is a pregnant lesbian might get in the way of the prize.

The film has a great message, and it unites Oscar- and Tony-nominated Turner with an openly gay star she once had a crush on.

Find out who it is, and you’ll also encounter some stuff about Maggie Smith, Edward Albee, and Emily Deschanelplus my visit to an autograph show for semi-faded celebs and my observation about Chaz Bono winning an award. (No, not Catholic of the Year.)

Come on, read it, and I’ll name you La Dolce Musto Reader of the Week.