May Day Recap: Highlights from Voice Reports (UPDATE)


Good (late) morning!

A lot of the Voice staff is still recovering from a long day of May 1 coverage, but we wanted to bring you a brief recap of what went down from when we stopped liveblogging until now.


Broken down…

UPDATE: The New York Police Department gave us its most recent tally: “Fifty-two individuals were issued desk appearance tickets and 34 were held for arraignment in connection with OWS protests yesterday, with charges ranging from disorderly conduct to assault on a police officer.”

We still don’t know what’s up with the plainclothes officer who threatened to arrest photographer C.S. Muncy, either. By our own estimates, we figured around 50 people got nabbed (this is also the Associated Press’ calculation.) Demos took place across the U.S. In Seattle, some participants smashed downtown store windows. In other cities, cops used pepper spray or tear gas.

— Last night, at approximately 10:30 PM, Nick Pinto reported that Lower Manhattan was overflowing with cops, but was otherwise quiet. This is just around when One Police Plaza started to release the first round of arrests.

— Important to note: around that same time, Wall Street at Broadway smelled “like horseshit. Because of the horseshit. From the equestrian cops. Or rather their horses.” Gross!

— Jumaane Williams and Ydanis Rodriguez were also on the scene.

— Despite the promise of protest early on, Zuccotti wound up being kinda dead.

— Steven Thrasher caught up with Christ! Jesus and friends were apparently occupying earlier in the evening.

— At 8:30 PM, cops “lunged” into a peaceful section of the march, arresting two women and slamming others onto the ground. The incident rattled protesters and prompted participating clergy to join hands and sing “We shall overcome.”

–Other than that, some other things to note are that the protests seemed to have a playful element as the march progressed from Union Square downtown, including beach balls and Captain America.

To read more about what went on earlier in the day, click here. The Voice will keep you updated with any developments.