Roslyn Kind Sang At Brooklyn College, and I Was There


Barbra‘s half sister Roslyn Kind has a strong, lovely voice, which she applied to a series of standards at Brooklyn College the other night–everything from “All That Jazz” to “Losing My Mind” to “Meadowlark” and beyond.

And she’s funny, too.

Roslyn remarked, “Apple created the best phone ever, and they hire AT&T to service it. It’s like hiring a hooker to babysit your child!”

Spotting a fan in the audience, she said: “She flew in from Florida today for this concert. It’s really great having rich stalkers. So much better than the ones that jump out of the bushes!”

And after insisting that the tech person fix the sound–which indeed needed fixing–Roz smiled and said: “I hate to be a kvetch. It’s a side of myself that don’t like to have. But I’m Jewish–it comes with the territory!”

By the way, Roz never directly mentioned her sister, probably so as not to seem exploitive. It’s a very classy approach, though Barbra becomes a bit of the elephant in the room.

Still, Roz did give us some childhood insight at the gala afterward.

She said her mother happened to be a wonderful singer–Ma’s father was a cantor–but she didn’t pursue it. Instead, said Roz, she passed on her wonderful genes to the kids.

So true–and the genes were enough to create two great singers.

So nu?