Sylvia Panetta, 64, Charged With Animal Cruelty: 76 Rottweilers Seized


The Voice was so busy on the street yesterday that we didn’t notice this item until a little while ago: Cops say that 64-year-old Sylvia Panetta, a dog breeder in Wallkill N.Y., kept her pups in some of the worst living conditions they had ever seen.

So they nabbed Panetta on animal cruelty charges, the Daily News notes.

Officials rescued the dogs Monday and described the animals as malnourished and injured.

Cops say Panetta didn’t have the papers to run a kennel, but was breeding dogs and marketing them online.

This isn’t Panetta’s first interaction with police.

In March, they went to her home and told her to take care of the dogs.

She isn’t talking to reporters.

Some said that many animals were in “serious” condition, and reports indicate that one of the rottweilers “had to have its leg amputated, and another lost an eye.”

A volunteer said that a lot of the fencing “was caving in” and that some wall boards had nails sticking up, into the kennel runs, according to NBC New York.

“The dogs were fed stale bread,” the channel notes.

Check back for updates.