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The Accidental Pervert Will Arouse Your Socks Off


At a taping of Barry Z‘s talk show recently, I ran into Andrew Goffman, writer/star of the long-running The Accidental Pervert.

On the show, Goffman said his one-man play “will make you laugh, and it’ll make you hard.”

Chimed in Barry, “It’s the only show that gives the audience a standing ovation!”

During a commercial break, Goffman told me more:

“When I was 10, I discovered my dad’s porno tapes and became obsessed with them.

“When I was 15, I had sex with Stacey Lititto. We called her Stacey Libido.

“It was good, but she didn’t have an orgasm, and she didn’t even know how to fake one yet!”

Want more?

Go see the show.

As one of the reviews on the site explained:

“What was secretly done behind closed doors, cuddled up on a ratty upholstered La-Z-Boy in front of a vintage television set . . . surrounded by wads of tissues while his parents were not around, Andrew Goffman is now performing live, in front of a voyeuristic audience.”

Raved another critic, Pervert is “cute in a disgusting sort of way.”