Weekend Food Book Fair in Brooklyn


Leave it to Brooklyn to host the first food-book fair, which will bring the intellectuals of the food world together under one space. It’s a voracious reader’s dream.

“We have people coming down from Vermont and from San Francisco,” founder Elizabeth Thacker Jones says. “It’s really a community that already existed. There’s so much energy around sharing and sharing food media.”

Food intellectuals will congregate at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg for curated panel discussions, a pop-up bookstore, and book signings from May 4 through 6. And it’s not just cookbooks they will share. They will address topics including agriculture and urban design, and the whole event is slated to be a intersection of food and art featuring industry notables like Dr. Marion Nestle, Harold McGee, and Carolyn Steel. Small book publishers will also be at hand, including representatives from such publications as Lucky Peach, Diner Journal, Edible Brooklyn, Gastronomica, Put a Egg on It, Remedy Quarterly, Swallow Magazine, White Zinfandel, and Wilder Quarterly.

And yes, there will be food. There are two dinners. One will celebrate American composer John Cage with food from local farmers and authors Eugenia Bone and Gary Lincoff. And if that isn’t enough, Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises will be honored at another dinner with a meal from George Weld and chef Evan Hanczor.

“There has been such a great response, I think we’re going to fill it up,” Jones says. Tickets can be purchased online.