The Best Lines In Marvel’s The Avengers


The blockbuster superhero flick Marvel’s The Avengers is already becoming best known for its effects, battles, and fierce uniforms and accessories–and it doesn’t even open here till tomorrow.

But what about the dialogue?

Yeah, it’s not exactly Billy Wilder, but still there are some good verbal exchanges in there along with the 3-D wizardry.

Just so this is not forgotten, I thought I’d put on my superhero critic’s costume and tell you some of the better lines:

(Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!)

Thor: “You don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

Stark/Iron Man: “Shakespeare in the Park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?”

Stark/Iron Man: “Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others.”

Stark/Iron Man: “Phil? His first name is Agent!”

Stark/Iron Man to Captain America: “You’re a laboratory experiment. Everything special about you came from a bottle.”

Stark/Iron Man to Bruce Banner/the Hulk: “What’s your secret? Mellow jazz, bongo drums, and a huge bong of weed?”

And what the hell, let me include one that Downey Jr. doesn’t say:

Bruce Banner/the Hulk: “We’re not a team. We’re a time bomb!”