Williamsburg Landlord Trashes Tenant’s Apartment While She Was Out


We’ve covered some wacky slumlord stories these past few weeks, but this one takes the cake.

On April 26, Jamal Alokasheh, landlord of a Bedford Avenue apartment, broke into a female tenant’s home and demolished the place–ripping the doors off, taking apart parts of the roof, and placing the bathtub in the kitchen–according to a report by the Brooklyn Paper.

The tenant, Jadwiga Bronte, knew Alokasheh was going to enter her apartment, but she claimed he was supposed to be making minor renovations, like fixing the leak.

This tale isn’t so one-sided though, as Alokasheh claims that Bronte is not his tenant.

“I don’t even know this person,” he said.

Bronte said she’s been paying rent via checks (for $700) the past few months, but Alokasheh never cashed them.

But Alokasheh has a history of being a slumlord. According to another report by the same paper, multiple tenants from another building claims Alokasheh deliberately undermined the building’s foundation–the point that it was in danger of collapsing–in an effort to get the tenants to leave.

Sadly, these type of shenanigans between landlords and their tenants are rampant throughout New York City, as is the case with Debbie Hailey and Carmelita Walker, two separate cases we highlighted these past few weeks.