OWS Supporter Argues Sleeping On Sidewalks Is Important Because It Could Inspire Kids To Be Lazy


We seem to have rustled a few feathers in the Occupy Wall Street community yesterday with a post we penned asking whether the OWS movement has finally achieved “joke” status. The post was in response to the general consensus amongst the mainstream media that many of the OWS protesters can’t be taken seriously for a variety of reasons — particularly their lack of jobs, satisfactory hygiene, maturity, and a clear message. The New York Post even called the occupiers “bums.”

We can now add a Voice reader — who actually argued yesterday that sleeping on the street “can make a difference” because it could inspire kids to “drop out” and say “fuck all you lame assed suits” — to the list of reasons why OWS isn’t taken seriously.

The sleeping on the street comment, of course, was only after this commenter — who goes by the handle “Mantelln” — advocated killing cops and claimed all Americans are racist imperialists.

See the complete comment below (all sic).

you should think about the shit you are saying and how irrelevant to
important issues and culturally biased your opinions are and how press
like this is worthless.

Back in the good old days of America, people would have shot those
cops and burned the banks (if good old Americans hadn’t been such racist

Sleepin on the sidewalk can make a difference, btw. Some kid sees
that and thinks, wow fuck all you lame punk assed suits, I wanna drop
out! Why should people work so hard in this country when half of the
work is bullshit designed to make some douche bag you don’t agree with
rich, and the other half goes to killing or enslaving people in
developing countries to make some other douche bag rich?

Now, we don’t know if this person actually is part of the OWS
movement (we provided “Mantelln” our email address but haven’t received
any response), and the commenter could possibly just be posting
inflammatory comments just to rile people up — although, that seems
unlikely; “Mantelln” made other slightly less absurd comments in support
of OWS in the comment section of the same post.

Regardless, there you have it — if anyone is still wondering why OWS
isn’t taken seriously, the comment above should clear up any confusion.

As we pointed out yesterday, not every member of the OWS movement
advocates killing cops. Nor do they all think working hard is
“bullshit.” But some apparently do, which makes the movement as a whole
look ridiculous. In other words, any point OWS may have is
immediately lost when idiots like “Mantelln” open their mouths (or bite
cops, dress like hobos, sleep in the street, or dump buckets of feces and urine in lower

Sure, we’d love to live in a fantasy land where nobody has to work,
nobody has to shower, and unicorns farting rainbows are galloping down
Broadway. Unfortunately, this is the real world — and when you start
advocating laziness and killing cops, you tend to lose a little