Robert Evans’ Appalling Wisdoms Through The Years


Robert Evans is the actor who became Paramount’s head of production in the 1970s and who spouted lots of colorful wisdoms at the time–some on-target, some not–according to Peter Bart‘s book about his own years spent at the studio.

Here are some of the highlights that emerged from Evans’ very mouthy mouth.

*About the film adaptation of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer:

Ellen Burstyn picks lice out of her pussy, but other than that, the movie is a goddamned bore.”

*About Last Tango In Paris:

“Brando fucks her on the floor. He fucks her in the ass. The movie is amazing.”

*When told by Bart about the Harold and Maude script:

“I suppose there’s a hot sex scene between them. It’s Deep Throat in a retirement home.”

*Oh, and let me throw in a juicy quote from Charles Bluhdorn, the head of the Gulf & Western conglomerate, and Evans’ boss. Asked to produce the movie of Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand in the lead role, Bluhdorn inelegantly said:

“They don’t like her in London or Johannesburg or Hong Kong or Rio. Maybe with Shirley MacLaine they would like Funny Girl, but not with the Jewess.”

Oy. Even movie mogul knowhow has rarely been that moronic.

Instead, Bluhdorn ended up greenlighting Paint Your Wagon, a lumbering musical with Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, and Jean Seberg.

Whoopsy! Should have stuck with the Jewess!