Tanning Is The New Blackface!


New Jersey kook Patricia Krentcil has become the poster lady for too much time in the tanning booth.

What’s more, she allegedly brought her five-year-daughter in there too, resulting in charges of “second degree child endangerment,” not to mention lord know what degree burns.

(Krentcil pleaded not guilty. Maybe her defense is, “I would never put my child on a tanning table. I simply placed her in the microwave!”)

In any case, the look on her and her kid’s faces is eerily reminiscent of a sickening old-time show biz tradition: blackface!

Blackface lingers as an embarrassing, patronizing attempt to stereotype people while further their oppression.

Even Joan Crawford dabbled in it, for God’s sake. (See below photos).

And lord knows she was guilty of second segree child endangernment.