Year of the Takeout Day 124: ‘Asian Chicken’


Asian Chicken from Not Telling

OK, so Year of the Takeout wants to rant a lot about Pan-Asian eateries, but we will hold our tongue until we collect our thoughts.

(UPDATE: More thoughts collected as of 10:38 this morning.)

This chicken, available from an East Side restaurant, is apparently ‘Asian,’ though we’re not really sure what that means or if we want to know.

‘Asian’ cuisine, as typically marketed, tends to represent the most Americanized dishes from various countries in Asia that have become even more bland with U.S.-friendly additions such as white meat-only chicken.

These dishes are vague shadows of their former food selves and arguably do a disservice to the venerable culinary traditions of the nations from which they originate.

We don’t know what to say because we’re so frustrated: Homogeneity is not quality. It’s boring! Surprise us by serving actual Chinese food, which is great!