A Fatal Car Crash, NYPD Cop DWI In Brooklyn Last Night; Nassau Cops Get a DWI Grant


It was an eventful but tragic evening in the outer borough of Kings County.

Late last night, on the Ocean Parkway in Sheepshead Bay, two cars met in a head-on collision after the driver of a BMW lost control and swerved into oncoming traffic, hitting a minivan.
The man behind the wheel, Jamal Iqual, was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital soon after the crash. The police have made no arrests yet as the BMW passengers are both listed as in ‘stable condition’ after experiencing serious body trauma.
Meanwhile, around midnight near Brooklyn Heights, NYPD officer Ronald Gonzalez, 41, was taken into custody after reportedly failing a DWI test and a refusal to use a breathalyzer. The details of the arrest and subsequent investigation are minimal but are sure to come.
But, thankfully, on Long Island, police officers in Nassau County are getting a little more cash flow to protect the streets from the intoxicated.

With help from a state grant, many more officers will be patrolling outside of New York City in an effort to contain the DWI problem. The upgrade in staff comes as summer kicks into full gear. According to Police Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lack, “Every weekend throughout the month of May, we will have about ten extra officers on the street.”

You heard the man: walk, bike or train it. It’s for your own good.