Barflies Explain the Super Moon at Burp Castle


It was a busy night for our bars what with Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the less-toasted event of the evening: the super moon. I sort of learned about the super moon from the barflies at Burp Castle, where I spent a few quiet hours drinking excellent Belgian beer:

It’s the closest the moon has been to Earth in, like, 100 years
Not true. It was 250 miles closer last April.

It’s when you can’t look at the moon unless you use special glasses

Also not true.

It’s like you always get a 14-inch pizza but all of a sudden it’s 16 inches *shrug*
My favorite explanation.

It’s why I’ve been feeling so emotional

Well, OK.

We see a super moon, or perigee moon, once a year. And while the moon appears a bit bigger and brighter than normal then, as Robert Massey of the Royal Astronomical Society, told the BBC, “The moon is always beautiful.” Aww.