Buffalo Wing Soda From Lester’s Fixins–Brilliant or Demented? And Snooki Wild Cherry Soda?


Lester’s Fixins–a project of the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops, LLC, a franchising operation founded in Camarillo, California–has recently released a soda pop, somewhat unbelievably, with a buffalo-chicken-wing flavor. Does that mean lots of vinegar? And spicy as hell? Probably not. The beverage is sweetened with sucrose and sold in 12-ounce bottles, partly through franchise locations in five states.

The soda joins a product line that also includes sweet corn, pumpkin pie, pb & j, coffee, and bacon sodas. Miraculously, no one seems to have thought of making cocktails with them yet. Individuals with beards and suspenders, take note.

The Lester’s website also advises that they have a Snooki wild cherry soda in limited production.

Funny to find a food company focusing on intentionally absurd products. Still, if the bacon soda were to come further east, I’d like to give it a taste. Not sure about the buffalo-chicken-wing soda. Now they need a celery soda and a blue cheese soda to mix with it.

The label telegraphs the earnestness of the product. Or does it?

Were any Snookis harmed in the making of the product?

[laughingsquid via incrediblethings, suggested by FiTR SF correspondent Tracy Van Dyk]