Courtney Love’s C-Word Dress on Display


Courtney Love‘s art show at Fred Torres Collaborations–called “And She’s Not Even Pretty”–has messages that are really easy to gauge, mainly because they’re pretty much spelled out on the work.

The above c-word dress blithely states, “Not my cunt on my dime mister.”

(It’s an outfit we can all relate to–one that’s basically saying: “Want my stuff? Then you’ll have to pay for it, honey.”)

Other hanging pieces du Love offer slogans like:

“And then she jumped into the Hudson even though it was pointless. No one made me cry like you made me cry.”

(But Courtney never jumped into any river, as far as I know. Maybe she slipped.)


“I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here. But don’t you know who I am?”

(Those three quick sentences encapsulate every neurotic yearning of anyone famous.)

Anyway, here’s the art. It’s actually pretty good. Live through this.