First Strawberries of the Season Appear at Farmers’ Markets


Fiendishly expensive, but they are the first.

Spring strawberries from local sources appeared for the first time this season in the Union Square Greenmarket. Priced at $4.50 per pint, the price was steep, but the fruit proved sweet and juicy, so good you wouldn’t dare use them in a pie or jams.

The strawberries were from Philips Farms of Milford, New Jersey, a rural town in Hunterdon County on the western edge of the state on the Delaware River. Surprisingly, the farms at the southern tip of New Jersey in Bridgeton–which enjoys an almost Southern U.S. type of climate–didn’t come in with them first.

That means there will be strawberries in abundance at most markets this coming Saturday. If you want to get the jump on your berry-loving friends, Phillips with be at Borough Hall in Brooklyn on Tuesday and Thursday of this week and at Grand Army Plaza on Saturday.

Phillips also peddles notably good greenhouse tomatoes, grown in soil.

Phillips Farms stand in Union Square today