I Had a Tres Gay Weekend in Atlantic City


Resorts casino sent me down for a gayola night of lavender luxury.

All on the lucky 13th floor of their Ocean Tower, I got to drop by:

*Pro Bar, the only gay bar in an Atlantic City casino.

Potted palms dot the dancefloor, where lesbians flail around, mixed with some gay guys, and a few slumming bachelorettes, as a hot go-go boy oversees from his perch. On Friday night, two yummy sheet cakes celebrated the place’s one-year anniversary. Congrats, folks. And maybe it was my nudging that now has them openly promoting this as a gay bar? Whatever the case, I’m pro Pro Bar.

*The Piano Bar. A brightly lit, chandeliered room where three singers (one on the keys) harmonized on “Suddenly, Seymour,” Chicago tunes, and Lady Gaga hits, as a drunk in the crowd entertained everyone by acting them out. (He really rocked on West Side Story). The entertainers were all very rehearsed and polite for a piano bar–far from the giddy sing-alongs in NYC—but when someone in the audience mentioned Glee, the pianist turned green and noted, “Every song I did tonight was watered down, cut in half, and turned to trash on Glee!”

*And in The Screening Room, I caught the love goddess Judy Tenuta entertain with funny jokes like, “Snooki is a shaved-off Sasquatch. I can’t even call her trash because trash gets picked up.” Tenuta also donned Sarah Palin garb at one point and said, “I’m a creationist, which means I believe man coexisted with dinosaurs. That’s why I got along so well with John McCain!”

Other highlights of my trip:

Resorts’ delicious old-school Italian restaurant Capriccio; 25 Hours bar/lounge, where Blanche the Singing Waitress belts standards while reading your lips as you order; the new branch of White House cheese steaks in the Trump Taj Mahal (Yes, you just read the words White House and Trump in the same sentence again); and the brand new Revel casino, a large and sumptuous touch of snazz at the end of the boardwalk.

All in all, Atlantic City makes Jersey a shore thing.