Knicks’ Baron Davis Has Likely Played His Final NBA Game


Yesterday, in the midst of a Knicks run that led to the team’s first playoff win in 11 years, point guard Baron Davis suffered a freak knee injury. Initially, the report was a knee dislocation.

We surmised earlier that Davis, given his age–34, old by NBA standards–and injury history, has probably played in his last game.

Well, it’s all but confirmed now.

New York Times’ Howard Beck broke the news that Davis’ injury is even worse than initial prognosis. Davis suffered a partial tear of patella tendon and complete tears of ACL and MCL.

These are serious, serious injuries. And again, at the age of 34, it’s virtually impossible for him to recover and be well enough to play in the NBA again.

It’s a shame that Davis’ career ends on a freak knee injury (he also tore his ACL his first year at UCLA), because, at his peak, the man known as Boom Dizzle was a breathtaking player–strong as a bull, with jumping ability like a gazelle.

Farewell, Baron Davis, we’ll always remember this: