Lisa Rinna Educates Me About Sex!


TV personality Lisa Rinna has continued her branch-out into literature with The Big Fun Sexy Book, a handy guide to the libido which she wrote with sex therapist Ian Kerner.

At her publication party at the Museum of Sex the other night, it turned out Lisa (who’s married to the eternally hunky Harry Hamlin) was fun and sexy, so I hope the book is really big.

Our quickie conversation:

Hi, Lisa. Will I blush reading this book?


It takes a lot.

It’ll let your juices flow a little. You’d have to be dead not to! [laughs]

I guess we’ll find out. Do you know more about sex than the average person?

I do now, after working with Ian. I learned a lot about the male organs, the female organs….

Ooh, tell me about the female organs. I’ve haven’t seen them since I was born.

Read the book. It takes you step by step through it. The labia, the vulva….But it turns out the brain is the most important organ of all in terms of sex.

Why? Because of the imagination?

I think so.

Well, I’m really smart, so I happen to know that Kim Cattrall and her husband wrote a sex book together and then they broke up.

Really? Well, I didn’t write this with Harry, so I’m fine!