Longtime Queens Court Foreclosure Sales Monitor Forced Out For A Ridiculous Reason


Ever since Runnin’ Scared started its coverage of the foreclosure auctions a few months ago, one of the most helpful and kind individuals have been Debbie Seabrook. As we’ve mentioned before, the 63-year-old travel agent have been monitoring the Queens Supreme Court foreclosure auctions–peacefully, in the back of the room, jotting down information–for the past nine years. She does this for a few reasons: to keep an eye on the court procedures; to help clueless homeowners who may be getting shafted by the system; and because she lost her home nine years ago to what she believes to be unjust reasons.

We wrote three weeks back about Seabrook’s arrest (by nine guards) and how she was banned from the civil courts for assisting a Haitian immigrant family–a group that does not speak English very well–from being evicted.

Seabrook confirmed with us today that she has effectively been banned from the Supreme Court for six months too.

“The guard who accused me of attacking him filed an order of protection, issued
in criminal court, that restrains me from going within 100 yds of his place of business,” she said. “And his place of business just happens to be the Queens Supreme Court.”

The family Seabrook was trying to help are still in their home, thanks to a court screw up that named the wrong person on the referee’s deed (these type of screw ups happen all the time), but Seabrook’s nine year streak of attending–and documenting–every Queens foreclosure auction has ended.