Men With Purses Not Welcome at the Standard?


DJ Colby Bartrug posted this on Facebook:

“So I thought it was 2012 and that I lived in New York City, but I guess I’m mistaken.

“We just left Le Bain at The Standard, New York after being turned away from the elevator due to One-half Nelson carrying a purse.

“The doorman asked him to check his larger bag because it wouldn’t be allowed up. Mike the elevator boy turned him away after checking it, saying ‘Men aren’t allowed to have bags because it’s not gay night.’

“Even though he is a stylish man carrying a womens bag, the same size as mine.

“This was a very sad experience, and even though On Top! (grand opening May 15th) will be an amazing party there, seems like the staff don’t like our kind.”

True–it’s very sad and pretty disgraceful for a supposed beacon of NYC nightlife.

Hopefully the On Top party will even things out by not allowing a man to enter without a women’s bag.